Serious Steam Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

About Us

No Job too small. No Job too big. Give us a call. We'll clean it all. Call Free : 914-699-7305, 203-572-0140


Meet Carl

Hey, I'm Carl founder and owner of Serious Steam. Believe it or not but I run this business on my own. I go out and get the job done!

  • We have serviced Red Lobster in Bridgeport, Bronx, Central Ave, Yonkers, Queens, Long Island & Brooklyn. We have also serviced McDonalds, Olive Garden, Joe's Crab Shack, Applebees, and IHop.
  • We have serviced Red lobster for 15 years!
  • We have serviced Olive Garden for 15years!
  • No Job too small. No Job too big. Give us a call . We'll clean it all.

Things get dirty. It's a fact of life. That doesn't mean you have to resign yourself to not living in the cleanest setting imaginable!

At Serious Steam Carpet Cleaning, I like keeping tidy. I understand it's not only important to being productive and healthy, but it's also more attractive and aesthetically pleasing. No one likes a dirty place.

Steam Cleaning

Steam is a natural source, using just clean water therefore, there are no harmful chemicals. Steam also leaves no toxic residues nor does it stain clothes. There are many benefits to steam cleaning so call me today for a free quote.